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To Yannick Bolasie

Posté : 24 juin 2019, 18:15
par Mutu
To Yannick Bolasie
First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the rehab and being back to the national team. I have watched you play before and after your terrible injury. I can tell that you back physically. However, you are a little tentative emotionally. You are the key to unlock the fortune of the DR Congo. I know it looks as if I am putting a lot of responsibility on your shoulder. But, I am confident that you are capable of handling it because you have broad shoulder in my humble opinion. Teams have a adjusted to you. Indeed, they are a play you by using a zone defense. At first, you touch the ball, opposing teams will dispatch one of their defenders to come and slow you down before you get double team by have another defender on you. This forces you to get rid of the ball, lose the ball or make and bad decision with the ball. In my humble opinion, you need to have a direct approach in order for you to counteract this from now on to your game. As soon as you touch the ball, your first thought should be to penetrate the opposing team's penalty area, regardless of you to beat the first defender. This will protect you from being faulted (if fault it will be a penalty for us) and you will be the trap that all teams are now using on you. You will the opponent on their back foot, back pedaling, which they do not want to do against you. You are too strong, too fast for most opposing defenses. All you need to do is catch and go with the ball. Once, you are the opposing rectangle, I trust your instinct. It seems to me that you always make the right decision in there. For example, you have the right pass to your partner, the right shot on goal. Do not stop yourself short outside of the opposing team's penalty area. You need to stop dribbling and come to a stop.
Our next game against Egypt is crucial for our survival in the Afcon 2019. Egypt will heavily count on Salah. He will be mostly playing on the right side of their team and most probably be defended by Masuaku. I will suggest to you, Yannick Bolasie to play on the same side with Salah. I know that Salah doesn’t like to defend. Therefore, he won’t be helping his defender when you have the ball. We also need to apply the same tactics on Salah that teams use against you. We need to have a zone defense on Salah with Masuaku go in contact and soon after Masuaku needs to be joined by a teammate, which will slow Salah down and keep him outside of our penalty area. In our offensive phase, Yannick, you will be on your own for to be direct and not dribbling. Do not let Masuaku overtake you on your side. Masuaku needs to stay put. In case Salah switches flank, then you need to switch with him. The main reason is that Salah won’t be doing any defending and you will one less opponent to worry about when you happen to have the ball, (In this case you will remain a constant danger for the Egyptian team). Finally, I believe in you and you should believe in yourself as well and fight any doubt and unbelief which can be in your subconscious by visualizing you scoring, assisting and winning this game with your teammate. This is it. It won’t be another opportunity as such. It is for your legacy. Go on and play guys. I trust you all. The world is watching and will witness a great RD Congo side. Congo never dies.

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Re: To Yannick Bolasie

Posté : 25 juin 2019, 17:18
par Erick Ross